10 tips to boost your memory


Doubtlessly, as you grow older, you regularly lose a few of the brain’s hippocampal cells. You halt between conversations, misplace things; forget names- even when you might be young.
When we move mechanically through life our memories begin to stagnate in our brains and are eventually lost. The good news is that the brain can be trained to remember better.

Following tips boost memory and brain power-

10 tips to boost your memory
1. Time to memorize
Researchers believe that if you learn the details of an important presentation or notes for an exam at night, you will be able to recall them better. Memories get consolidated at night because lesser information would overlap it. Taking a short nap just after memorizing something has the same effect. Einstein used to take multiple short naps throughout the day.

2. Eye movement
Brain is divided into left and right halves, both of which perform separate functions. Coordination between both the halves strengthens cognitive function. You can achieve this by simply wiggling your eyeballs from left to right and vice versa for 30 seconds each day.

3. Verbal boost
While you don’t need to remember all your schedules mentally in this era of smartphones, give your brains a little exercise .Connect routines, speak them loudly- such as, “my keys are near the fridge. Before I pick them, I ‘ll grab a fruit.”

4. Languages and learning
There are fewer instances of dementia in people who know two or more languages. Learning a new language is one of the most effective ways to sharpen memory and build new brain cells.
Same applies to learning a new hobby or skill such as dance or an instrument.

5. Exercise
Solving crosswords and puzzles, and interaction with people of different cultures are exercises for the brain. Besides, include at least 30 minutes of physical exercise thrice a week in your regimen to improve the brain’s recall capacity.

6. Food
As with our body, our mind too needs nutrition to stay fit. Cut back on smoking, alcohol, and caffeine, instead-

  • Have 5-6 portions of dairy products a week.
  • Oily fish and nuts (rich in omega 3 fatty acids) are the most recognised foods that boost neuron formation, learning and memory.
  • Soya improves building of new nerve connections.
  • Zinc improves IQ.
  • Iron and vitamin B improve oxygen circulation to the brain.
  • Green tea and dark chocolate improve brain function.

7. Relaxation
Sleep 7-8 hours a day; keep your mind stress-free through meditation and exercise. Add a few drops of sage or rosemary oil to your bath. These enhance attention span and alleviate mood.

8. Mnemonics
Mnemonics are aids that help to remember better. When you associate facts with mental or visual images or acronyms, you are able to keep them in memory for longer and recall them better.

9. Activities
Squeezing stress balls, clenching and unclenching the fist, and chewing gum is believed to improve focus and thus recall facts easily.

10. Be mindful
Focus on the task or information at hand with all your concentration, rather than just racing through your day.

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