Back to Work Program


Back- to- work is a one of a kind program that helps people who have been out of work for some time, or employees who have taken a sabbatical, to get incorporated into the workforce again easily after the hiatus. In the process, the program benefits companies and organizations in cutting costs and retaining valuable employees.

Back to Work Program
One of the major concerns for a successful business entity is employee retention. The HR incurs a lot of cost hiring and training employees. It is thus important that the employed workforce gives quality work to the organization uninterrupted, and does not think of leaving the organization.
What is back-to-work program?
An increasing no. of people are taking a hiatus from work for some reason or the other in recent times. These might include new mothers who want to give undivided attention to their babies for a few years, employees who wish to try their hands at entrepreneurship, people who just want to take a break from routine jobs to follow their dreams, and also working folks who could not work for a long time due to illness.
In today’s fast paced working environment, where trends keep changing every day, it can be quite a daunting task to induct oneself into regular work force after one has been away for some time. This is where the back- to- work program can be of immense support to the employee as well as the employer. The program can help reduce employer costs by significant degrees by ensuring the employees’ good health and that they fall ill less often and that they are less absent from their work.

How does this program accomplish this?
The back to work program offered by H M WORKS takes care of the employees from the time they fall ill through the entire period of their disability. The program provides for proper treatment, and regular reports on the wellbeing of the employee, finally aiding him/her in their plans to join the workforce again after the sabbatical. Following are the benefits of this program:
1. The illness or disability is duly diagnosed through appropriate qualified personnel
2. The program consults the company doctor for discussions on best possible modes of treatment.
3. The course of treatment is decided upon in agreement with the employee, his doctor and the company’s HR.
4. Intervention planning to prevent any chances of relapse of disability is done.
5. The treatment planned is closely monitored at regular intervals.

Evaluation reports
The program provides complete range of benefits for the company regarding employee engagement through and after the intervention. The following kinds of reports are provided to the company-
1. Through regular surveys, the program ascertains the primary causes of absenteeism among company employees.
2. Reports are provided about the timings and average duration of sickness leaves taken by employees.
3. Reintegration score reports are provided.
4. Regular feedback is taken from employees who have benefited from the program. These are conveyed duly to the company HR. for consultation.

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