Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


EAP: A low-cost, high-value investment.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are employee benefit programs offered by many employers. EAPs are intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health, and well-being.

Sometimes it helps to talk to an objective professional when dealing with difficulties such as marital discord, parent/child conflicts, job stress, depression, financial/legal concerns.
Before the problem gets too big, get help, talk to an EAP counselor and get a new perspective. The sessions are private and 100% confidential.

HMW EAP supports and assists employees and their immediate family members in assessing and resolving work, health and life issues. Our EAP generally include short-term counseling/coaching, telephone consultation as needed and referral services for employees and their household members.

More than compensation and advancement, employees want to feel supported by their organization in times of personal challenge.

Working with your organization, we’ll identify needs, educate employees and promote health and wellness in your workplace. We will engage your employees by supporting them and their families.

EAPs are a good investment because they reduce costs related to employee health benefits and disability; reduce absence rates and associated costs; solidify your position as an employer of choice; attract and retain talent.

To discuss your specific situation please contact us.