Integrative Psychotherapy for individuals

Individual Integrative Psychotherapy invite people to develop their awareness as to what prevents them from unfolding their own true nature in the inner and outer expressions of their life.

We use a broad and creative approaches to working with clients. We aim at creating a therapeutic relationship based on trust, confidentiality, empathy with our clients. The therapeutic process may include encouraging the self-healing capacities of the client, exploring the client’s concrete individual experience of anxiety and distress rooted in earlier relationships, enabling insight into repeating patterns of behavior which might be preventing clients from leading fulfilling and satisfying lives.

Besides traditional individual therapy, we offer sessions with a special focus. For people who just want to learn relaxation techniques, breathing and muscle relaxation exercises are taught individually or in small groups.

Cognitive behavior therapy is generally short-term and focused on helping individuals deal with a very specific problem. During the course of treatment, people learn how to identify and change destructive or disturbing thought patterns that have a negative influence on behavior. The therapist will also work with you on different strategies to help you reach your goals. In some cases this could mean helping you to change patterns of thinking or learning new skills or ways to behave. Sometimes the therapist might also give you homework so that you can practice outside of the therapy sessions some of the things you are learning.

Individual therapy is a collaborative effort between you and your therapist. Our goal is to provide an open, supportive, and confidential environment for you to address the issues that are concerning you.