Intercultural Solutions

You no longer have to be an international organization to have global challenges. The growing diversity and mobility of today’s workforce is creating cross-cultural challenges and opportunities in every work environment.

ser653% of expatriates consider cross-cultural adjustment of high-importance when it comes to the success of their assignment.

  • 66% of companies expected their number of international assignees to increase in 2011. (Global Relocation Trends Survey Report 2011)
  • Up to 25 per cent of all international assignments end prematurely, which experts attribute to the inability to make the necessary cross-cultural adjustments.(Global Relocation Trends Survey Report 2011).
  • Research results suggest that cross-cultural adjustment is related to individual performance and well-being. Well-adjusted expats will be healthier and perform better.


HMW Intercultural Solutions offer a comprehensive suite of services that are designed to support domestic workforces, expatriate employees and their families; global managers, short-term business travellers, and groups that require assistance in working across cultural borders.

Unique to the industry, we offer a holistic approach through our coaching, counseling and training-based services. HMW assists expatriates and their families with the social as well as the deeply emotional and psychosocial aspects of an international relocation, setting us apart from any other service provider in the industry.

An essential cost-effective and tailored way to ensure that expats are efficiently launched into their new overseas working environment.

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