Our Team

  • I have been an expat most of my life. I lived and worked in different countries in Europe and Africa and I am now living in the Netherlands for 13 years. My life and work experiences together with my passion for psychology and the intrinsic need to help my fellow human beings form the basis for my current work as psychologist, coach, counselor and trainer. My experiences as human being in different situations, in different parts of the world and the challenges I had to face in my own life, has given me the opportunity to have a broader perspective on the challenges people face in their lives, and a deep understanding of the importance of cultural context.As a psychologist, counselor and coach I provide support to both Expats and Dutch nationals on a range of psychosocial problems affecting overall well-being, motivation, work satisfaction and performance. I also support organizations creating healthier workplaces for their employees and in the process reduce sickness rates, improve employee satisfaction and More >

  • My name is Louise and I am Dutch. I have about 30 years of experience as a psychologist treating people in the Dutch and English language. I work with individuals, couples and groups and are specialized in cognitive therapy, behavioural therapy, system therapy and mindfulness. I worked in a lot of settings like first line, psychiatry, businesses in the Botlek-Europoort district of Rotterdam, hospitals and rehab. My strength is my experience, patience and perseverance until the client has reached his or her goals. I respect you as a person and I will take you and your problems serious. For me it is really important that you reach your goals or potential as far as is possible. I coach, train and treat clients with a large variety of problems. For instance I see clients with depression, burnout, anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorders, chronic pain, people with drastic health problems, chronic fatigue complains, but also for preventions of all these problems. In all I do I respect you as a p More >

  • My name is Daniela and I am an Italian/Ecuadorian Psychologist. I relocated to the Netherlands in 2014, after my study and professional experiences across Ecuador, Argentina and Italy. My path has been characterized so far from the commitment in conjugating research and clinical practice. I promote and apply an holistic approach to Psychology and wellbeing, based on the contributions of both cognitive psychology and neuropsychological basis. As an expat myself, and by assisting a very broad range of people as a psychologist, I trust that I can effectively communicate and empathize with patients from different backgrounds and cultures. I provide support in English, Spanish and Italian, through a customized therapy process, with the goal to increase the wellbeing of children, adolescents and adults.My main areas of interest:Depression disorders Anxiety problems Adjustment process Child and adolescent psychotherapy Autism and others development disorders Neuropsych More >