LouisevanRooij-HR-18-4My name is Louise and I am Dutch. I have about 30 years of experience as a psychologist treating people in the Dutch and English language. I work with individuals, couples and groups and are specialized in cognitive therapy, behavioural therapy, system therapy and mindfulness. I worked in a lot of settings like first line, psychiatry, businesses in the Botlek-Europoort district of Rotterdam, hospitals and rehab. My strength is my experience, patience and perseverance until the client has reached his or her goals. I respect you as a person and I will take you and your problems serious. For me it is really important that you reach your goals or potential as far as is possible.
I coach, train and treat clients with a large variety of problems. For instance I see clients with depression, burnout, anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorders, chronic pain, people with drastic health problems, chronic fatigue complains, but also for preventions of all these problems. In all I do I respect you as a person and I will invest all I know to help you change your behaviour so you can handle the problems you are facing on your own. Especially self-confidence and self-reliance are paramount for you to be able to cope with the challenges you are facing.