Psychotherapy and mental health

Good and positive mental health is a requisite for leading a fulfilling life. Along with a healthy body, a sound mind is what is needed if one is to achieve his potential in life to the fullest, and yet, the hectic pace of present times has left little scope for the population in general to have overall physical and mental wellbeing. World Health Organization (WHO) surveys reveal that 20% of the world’s children alone suffer from mental disorders. The proportion is higher among adults – 800,000 people are found to commit suicide each year the world over, due to mental disorders and substance abuse.

Psychotherapy and mental health
Psychotherapy and mental health

Why a healthy mind?
It is a general view that physical wellbeing is all that is needed to get through day-to-day activities and lead a prosperous life. A person who is free of diseases and is physically fit would be expected to perform well at his work. That is not, however, always the case. Certain circumstances of life, relationship issues, death of a loved one, emergencies, disasters, trauma, all of this affects minds of healthy individuals. When the daily anxieties and stress build up, the individual gets depressed. Chronic depression makes it a big task for a person to even get through a normal day, and to perform routine activities.
Those suffering from mental health issues can easily fall prey to Diabetes, HIV, cardiovascular disorders and other injuries.
If you or any of your near and dear ones are going through mental health issues, it is okay and actually very important to get professional help. It is more often the stigma associated with depressive and psychological conditions that prevents people from consulting specialists.
Not all mental health problems require treatment by psychiatrists. Emotional issues like depression, anxiety, stress disorders, work-life balance issues, are very effectively addressed by psychology experts called psychotherapists. Psychotherapy is a widely recognized branch of Science, used as a means of helping patients with mental health problems, disorders, and life struggles, through one-on-one interactions. During psychotherapy sessions, an array of psychological techniques is used to aid the client to get over and effectively face his emotions and troubles.
Psychotherapy is equally successful in

  • treating depression, and improving the overall mental health of individuals.
  • As a combination with psychiatric treatment for disorders.
  • For aiding people obtain work-life balance and improve quality of life
  • For resolving relationship problems
  • For training individuals to better control emotions


What happens during psychotherapy sessions?
Session of psychotherapy treatments are conducted either with individuals, or with groups and couples. A trained psychotherapist gains the trust of his clients, and helps them to share details of their troubles through talk, music, drawings or dramatizations. Wide variety of different types of psychoanalytical therapies are used during sessions to get to the root of the clients’ problems. individuals are driven to face their inner troubles with grit. Through therapy sessions the individuals are advised on how to cope with their problems and issues, and build resilience against unwanted emotions in future.

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