Counseling & Coaching


Do you have questions such as: “Who am I? What do I want? How do I get everything out of life? “You want to increase your personal effectiveness and achieve greater success? You want to solve problems, feel better and happier? Then you might benefit from coaching or counseling. Through life/career coaching or counseling you will get a clear picture of your values, talents and passions and improve your well-being and quality of life. You get to know the facets that make life a little easier.

With your personal needs as a starting point, we will guide you to towards concrete, measurable changes and results. Within a short time, about 3 to 10 coaching sessions you can reach your goals. Contact us for a free intake session…

Do you have a need for coaching or counseling and would like to know exactly what are the compensation possibilities?  Fortunately, there are several ways to get a budget coach access. See the steps below to find out which option is right for you.

Option 1: Check your CAO

Trade unions and employers (including the banking sector) are increasingly seeing the importance of personal development.This is very good news, because there is a chance that a coach budget is included in your CAO. This amount is set aside each year for you by your employer and can be spent freely, after consultation with your employer. The most common amount is 500, – a year. You can find your CAO online or request from your HR manager.

Option 2: Discuss the possibilities with your HR manager

HR often has a training or special budget which could be to used for coaching/counseling. Coaching compared with other forms of personal development is very cheap and effective for businesses and is therefore very often compensated and even encouraged by HR managers!

Option 3: Discuss the possibilities with your manager or director

If HR does not have a budget for personal development, maybe your manager or director could help you. In this case, you can safely first have a free orientation meeting with one of our coaches about your plans so that the coach can help you with a plan and a proposal that you can discuss with your manager or supervisor.

Option 4: Tax relief for entrepreneurs

Costs for coaching for self-employed are tax-deductible as operating expenses. Would you like advice on how you can do this best? Contact us…

Option 5: Basic & Complementary Health Insurance

Basic health insurance does covers sometimes counseling and coaching sessions. Our coaches and counselors are registered with NIP ( Dutch Psychologists association) and with ABvC (Dutch association for counselors). In your health care policy is explained what services your policy covers. We recommend that you inquire about the possibilities of compensation from your health insurance. Please contact us for a list of health insurance that covers our counseling services.

Option 6: Disability Insurance

If you have a work disability and use our coach/counselor to go back to work it’s very likely that you will be fully reimbursed. Again, please check with UWV or your private health insurance company for more information.

Option 7: If you receive a UWV benefit

The benefits agency (UWV) provides funding for rehabilitation and integration processes. If you receive benefits you can contact the UWV and ask them about using a reintegration coach. Click here for more information.

Option 9: Private rate

We also offer you the opportunity to use our coaching/counseling and psychotherapy services for the private rate of 90€ for individual sessions and 150€  for couples’ sessions including VAT.