Mental Health At Work


A healthy workplace is critical to good employee performance. With stress, burnout and depression on the rise, employers are investing more in employee well-being, or they pay the much higher price of ignoring it.

At Healthy Mind Works we understand the challenges facing today’s workplaces and the importance of improving employee’s health and well-being.

Our comprehensive wellness programs, workplace consultation, training and employee coaching and counselling services can help your organization become a better place to work, reduce absenteeism, improve performance and overall employee well-being.

Engaged employees are more productive, loyal and perform better during challenging times. For your organization this means higher retention, customer satisfaction, productivity and profit.

Employee support solutions such as Workplace Consultation and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) help your organization, your employees and their families resolve work, health and life issues that can interfere with productivity and engagement.

Many are choosing the on-site mental health and employee assistance consultation services because this model promotes trust in the program and yields high service utilization. The assigned consultant/counsellor thoroughly understands the organization’s specific culture and stakeholder concerns. They facilitate the positive changes the organization and employees are seeking.

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