My name is Joyce and I am 32 year-old woman who sought Counseling for the constant anxiety I felt, especially the anxiety related to my work and when in public places. After learning how to question my thoughts, my anxiety level dropped. I also had anxious thoughts about my boss ("If I complain, I'll get fired"), and so Camila helped me prepare for a meeting with him. As it turned out, my boss was very understanding, and my anxiety and panic disappeared. But there was another layer of stress at work. Encouraged by Camila I entered a coaching program to learn ways of controlling my daily overwhelm -- by setting priorities, practicing self-care on the job, and learning to say no without fear. In several weeks, I mastered the skills of controlling my time and managing my work routines. Now, my job actually enhances my well-being, instead of causing stress and anxiety. Joyce's Counseling + Coaching Profile: Challenges: anxiety, panic attacks, work overwhelm Solutions: Counseling for anxiety and panic attacks caused by fear of having a heart attack, fear of getting fired, and overwhelm at work (ten sessions) Coaching to establish manageable routines, self-care habits, and the ability to maintain boundaries at work (eight sessions) Results: In several months, moved from constant anxiety and frequent panic attacks to the disappearance of both, and from overwhelmed at work to confidence and well-being on the job.