My name is Lesley, I am forty-five-year-old woman with fibromyalgia. I am sought counselling to deal with my depression. I was a hard working working and highly valued manager, before worsening pain and fatigue forced me to leave the job I loved. During eighteen months on disability, I grew deeply depressed. Finally, I made an appointment to see Camila. She helped find the the root cause of my depression. As a child, I was verbally abused and neglected, so I grew up with very low self-esteem. But success at work gave me a healthy sense of self-worth for the first time in my life. Without my job, though, the childhood feelings of worthlessness returned full force. Camila helped me discover my self-defeating beliefs, one of which was, "My worth depends on my achievements." Next, she taught tme some simple techniques to counteract those negative beliefs. Using them for several weeks, I was amazed to find my depression completely gone. No longer paralyzed by despair, I now wanted to create a satisfying life for myself. Camila recommended also follow up Coaching sessions. In my first coaching session, I explained that the ever-expanding clutter in her home made her feel smothered, helpless, and embarrassed to have anyone visit her. Camila helped me clear the self-limiting beliefs that caused me to hold on to things I no longer needed, using the techniques I had already learned during counselling. Next, I was coached to create my top ten house-clearing priorities list, and to schedule brief slots of time for de-cluttering. In less than four weeks, I had an organized and inviting home. A short time later, I enrolled in a Virtual Assistant training program, buoyed by my newfound confidence and I am excited about the possibilities in my future. Lesley's Counseling + Coaching Profile: CI & Co-Challenges: Fibromyalgia, severe depression, feelings of worthlessness, overwhelming house clutter, loss of career Solutions: Counseling for depression caused by job loss and low self-esteem (twelve sessions) Coaching for debilitating home clutter and planning a new career (eight sessions) Results: In several months, Lesley moved from hopelessness, worthlessness, and severe depression to feeling significant relief from negative emotions and develop a new career. To learn more about how our coaching, counselling and therapy can help your overall well-being please contact us.