Work/life balance training


“I’ve learned that you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time.” Oprah Winfrey

A healthy balance between work and home should be a priority for everyone. Implementing proper work‐life balance offers many important benefits. There are, however, many hazards linked with an unbalanced work and home life.


  • Poor health: Working long hours without taking time to relax will take its toll
  • on health.
  • Unresolved conflict: A lack of balance can create conflicts at work and at home.
  • Poor performance: Taking on too much responsibility will lead to exhaustion and cause
  • performance to suffer.
  • Financial loss: The impact on health and productivity takes a financial toll on both individual
  • employees and organizations.


By following our training you will be able to get several Benefits:

  • Fulfilment: People who successfully implement work life balance improve their sense of
  • fulfilment at work and at home.
  • Health: A healthy work life balance decreases the risk of heart disease and other health
  • problems.
  • Greater productivity: Being relaxed and well rested increases productivity and improves work performance.
  • Stronger relationships: Personal and professional relationships are strengthened and conflicts are avoided when there is work life balance.

The training consists of 1 session of 2,5 hours within a group with a maximum of 10 participants. You can register individually or as a group.

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