Workplace Support Program (WSP)


Effective at Helping Your Employees Work Well!

When Companies invest in prevention and positive proactive services, more serious emergencies and workforce problems are avoided. Our organizational consultation and assistance services, in both the office and at manufacturing sites can provide your organization with significant help that could bring financial and personnel benefits.

We provide organizational consultation and assistance to employees, Works council representatives, supervisors & managers.

An experienced Occupational psychologist/counsellor will be on site on a regular basis to meet with employees in need of assistance, support HR managers assess current problems, providing mediation to help solve conflicts and support the reintegration of sick employees.

To excel, people need to be well suited to their job activities and their environments, so the occupational psychologist will assess workers and how they perform tasks within their surroundings. The psychologist may then suggest changes — at both individual and organizational levels — to make the best use of people’s abilities and to create an environment that promotes optimal performance.

Investment in prevention and positive proactive services means more serious emergencies and workforce problems are avoided.