About Us


As mental health care practitioners we use a fresh and holistic approach to mental health for individuals, families and organizations, and we are specialised in providing training, coaching, counseling and psychotherapy tailored to the needs of organizations, individuals and their families.

Our services are multicultural and multilingual provided in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. We support expats and their families making the Netherlands their second home.

We can help you plan, design and implement actions to improve the psychological health of your workplace. Our services allow employers to effectively assess and address the psycho-social factors known to have a powerful impact on the well-being and productivity of employees.

Our unique mental health and wellness approach and strategies are solution focused and based on sound psychological methodology and evidence-based practice. We offer one-stop shop for mental health services for individual, families, groups and organizations.

By partnering with business, we mentor workplaces to create mentally, healthy, resilient workforce and supportive workplaces. By working with individuals and their families we coach and empower them to strive , live happier and healthier.

Whether you are expat living in Netherlands or you are planning to move abroad we can prepare you to deal with the challenges associated with transition.

Whatever the challenges you are going through right now: health, professional or personal – We can help you!