Back to work program


Costs associated with absenteeism, disability and employee engagement are rising at alarming rates.

A robust disability management program with HMW contains these costs by providing a wide range of services geared to keep the employee healthy and productive.

Our program supports both the employer and the employee throughout the disability process from the onset of an absence to Return-to-Work planning.

What you can expect

  • Problem analysis and diagnosis.
  • Propose best treatment in consultation with company doctor.
  • Develop a reintegration plan that is supported by employee, HR and company doctor.
  • Propose a plan of action to prevent relapse.
  • Follow up, monitoring and evaluation of proposed interventions.

At HMW we measure the results of our services and programs by providing regular reports to our clients including the following information:

  • Reintegration scores.
  • Most important root-cause of absenteeism in the company.
  • The average duration of the sickness leave.
  • Results of feedback survey from employees about our services.