Signs of Obsessive –Compulsive Disorder

  To those of us who are familiar with TV’s Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory”, his quirks-The way he is so finicky about germs that he cannot sit in a bus at a place where someone else has sat before him, and the way he has to chant Penny’s name exactly thrice before …
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Memory lapses- when do you need to consult a specialist

  It doesn’t feel very nice to forget a loved one’s birthday, and be chided by them for it, does it? Or to forget key points of a conversation while recalling it at a later date? These are scenarios that we have all faced at some or the other times, as normal memory lapses become …
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How stressed are you?

There are lots of things to do in a day, and never enough time. When we have more to do than we can handle, we feel overwhelmed – physically, mentally as well as emotionally stressed. There is no particular benchmark for exactly when and how much a person is stressed. Sometimes, it just might be …
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7 tips to beat insomnia

  What was a term limited to mostly the busiest and most stressed people is now a common occurrence for about 65% of the world’s population? Insomnia affects people of all ages, gender, social status and culture. Insomniacs are not people who can’t sleep at all. Rather, they either can’t fall asleep at night on …
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10 tips to boost your memory

  Doubtlessly, as you grow older, you regularly lose a few of the brain’s hippocampal cells. You halt between conversations, misplace things; forget names- even when you might be young. When we move mechanically through life our memories begin to stagnate in our brains and are eventually lost. The good news is that the brain …
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