Expat Families


Research investigating intercultural relations indicate the importance of training and support to improve adjustment, wellbeing and intercultural performance for expats and their families.

A report from Harris et al. (2004) indicates that expat couples have a 40% higher divorce rate and their children have a 50% higher rate of school dropout than children who are not expatriates. Furthermore, 2 thirds employees failed their foreign assignments.

To address pressing individual, families and organizational needs for pre-departure support for expat assignments and/or support to expats and families relocated to the Netherlands, we have developed tailored coaching, counselling and training services to help improve the adjustment, well-being and performance of expats and their families.

We provide you with native language speaking counselors who have varying backgrounds, specialties, and styles to support you in effectively meeting your goals.

Please contact us for more information about what we can do to help you and your family adjust better and feel at home abroad.