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Support Groups

Is Support Group Therapy right for me?
Support group therapy, is a type of psychological therapy that is conducted with a group of people, rather than in a one-on-one session. It can be of great help to anyone who needs psychological support for conditions such as depression, family problems, addictions, chronic illness, and more…If you don’t know whether support group therapy is right for you, join us for one session to decide for yourself.

Benefits of a Support Group
Being in a support group will help you develop new skills to deal with your specific problem while helping others at the same time. The dynamics of a group often mirror those of society in general, and learning how to interact with the other members can help you in your relationships outside of therapy. Another benefit is the support that the group members give to each other and the realization that one is not alone – that there are other people who have the same problems.

What to Expect in a Support Group therapy

Our Support group sessions consist of a small group of people (no more than 15) which meets on a regular basis.

The session is guided by one or two professionals and the group discussions are held around a suggested “theme” or topic. Sometimes, the moderator (s) will allow the group members to pick the topic for the next session.
Please be aware that, when joining a support group, you may be uncomfortable at first when it comes time to discuss problems in front of strangers. However, the fact that others are facing the same type of situation may help you open up and discuss your feelings. In addition, everything that takes place within the support group should be kept strictly confidential.

Please contact us if you have any questions.