Mindfulness training


What is Mindfulness?
Is paying attention to the here and now with intention while letting go of all judgement – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Free yourself in 8 weeks from emotional problems, unwanted behaviors and chronic unhappiness.

Practicing mindfulness, is a form of training that involves learning to pay attention to our bodies and minds and the world around us. By learning to be aware and awake to each moment, we can begin to see and understand the patterns of stress and dysfunctional perceptions that we all encounter, improving our ability to engage in a more positive way with what we are experiencing.

Many of us live on auto-pilot, only half aware of what we are doing and experiencing in each moment. This means that we can easily get triggered into stress, anxiety and depression without knowing why or what we can do about it. Mindfulness offers a way of responding to life, so that rather than being constantly pushed and pulled by external events, we can find ways of meeting our experiences and our lives with more balance and ease.

Mindfulness can be useful in every area of our lives. Whether at work or home, to help with health or performance, mindfulness is a way of taking care of yourself so you can meet what’s challenging and respond in the best possible way. Mindfulness will enhance your general physical and mental wellbeing.

The course is a practical introduction to mindfulness and consists of 8 sessions of 2,5 hour. Sessions are very practical and interactive with periods dedicated to learning theoretical principles and practicing mindfulness. Each session will explore different themes and there will be time for interactive discussions and feedback. There will be also exercises to practice at home which we estimate will take approximately 30 minutes per day. Each participant will receive guided meditation CDs and an exercise book.

Results you can expect:
• An improved ability to manage stress
• An enhanced capacity to handle difficult emotions
• To be better able to relax and concentrate
• To have a greater sense of balance and ease

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