Problem saving strategies in daily activities


A life free of problems can only be imagined. We face innumerable problems, small and big, in our day-to-day lives. We have to invariably look for ways to solve them because if left unsolved, these problems can escalate to huge proportions.

Problem saving strategies

Problem solving is necessary because
Unsolved life problems lead to stress, anxiety, and depression and affect mental health negatively.

  • Solving problems successfully removes feelings of inadequacy and guilt from our hearts and boosts self-esteem
  • A person who can deal with his problems well has a satisfying work and family life.
  • The way an individual solves his problems reflects his efficiency.

What is problem solving?
In our daily life we face numerous glitches- deciding on a career, preparing for an interview, planning what to cook, organizing things around the house, buying vehicle or property, completing assignments or homework on time, finalizing details for a party with family etc… To understand a particular difficulty, and to take steps to find a working solution to it is called problem solving. It is a mental process that involves a sequential set of strategies if a successful solution is to be reached.

It is wise to go about solving a problem step by step-
It is very important to first define exactly what the problem is, and to not get side-tracked by random issues.

  • All the vital information needed should be gathered and organized.
  • The time, money, contacts and other resources required to reach a solution have to be decided upon.
  • The particular strategy to be used to solve the problem is identified, based on the particular situation and personal preferences.
  • Results should be monitored, and a different approach should be taken if the desired effects are not achieved.

Strategies for solving problems
We often see that elderly people are able to offer quicker and often better solutions to many of our everyday problems. They have been there done that. Past experiences are a vast source of information and a great help in tiding through present circumstances. Following strategies are found to be most accepted to solve problems:
Past experiences
A solution that has worked in the past may or may not work again for the same kind of problem. But having dealt with the same situation in the past would give us an idea how far a particular means is going to work. This approach is also referred to as heuristics.

Algorithms are step by step flowcharts prepared to find solution to a problem. They are widely used to solve mathematical problems. Algorithms are equally useful at organizations and in personal lives to arrive at the logical solution to a complex situation.

Some answers evade us even though we keep thinking of them day and night. Then, suddenly sometimes the solutions hit us as an insight. This, however, is not a very reliable strategy to solve a problem.

Trial method
From amongst many solutions, each one may be tried and tested before finding the perfect resolution
Whatever be life’s situation, an intelligent use of skills, resources and knowledge helps to arrive at a successful solution.


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