Stress management and burnout awareness training


What is Burnout?
“A state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by long term involvement in emotionally demanding situations.” – Ayala Pines and Elliot Aronson.

Staff are increasingly expected to work under pressure. Changing roles, extra demands, job uncertainty and a variety of other factors mean that staff must be supported if they are to remain effective in their work.

When an employee become so physically and mentally overwhelmed by stress on the job that he wants out, burnout has set in. Exhaustion, cynicism and ineffectiveness toward the job become the norm. Stress and burnout are connected and individuals can lower the chances of getting burned out by recognizing the causes and symptoms of stress and taking preventive action.

Recognizing burnout’s symptoms before they damage employee health should be part of a prevention plan in organizations. Burnout’s mental and physical symptoms include fatigue, depression, stomach disorders, headaches and backaches. Workplace symptoms include lower productivity, lack of motivation, and apathy or indifference toward work. Making bad or impulsive decisions, feeling isolated, chronic absenteeism and tardiness are also burnout symptoms.

This course will help individuals head off confusion and hopelessness and deal in a more positive and proactive way with the stressors at work and at home that can result in burnout, absenteeism and poor performance. Keeping employees mentally health is very important for the safety of any organization. Employees under extreme stress and exhibiting burnout symptoms put themselves and others at risk.

The training is very interesting and interacting with practical exercises and group discussions. At the end of the training participants will develop a stress management and burnout prevention action plan related to their specific situation. Plus we will we will provide 1 month e-mail and telephone support to answer any on-going questions and provide guidance, advice and coaching, after the training.

This highly successful training is a must for organizations as part of an integrated health and safety strategy, as well as a must for employees who want to take control of their lives, their careers and well-being.

The training will last about 4,5 hours and can be adapted to the needs of any organization. All necessary training material will be provided.

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