COMET Training To Improve Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a major concern for many people, not only for individuals suffering with psychological disorder such as personality disorders or depression. Low self-esteem is associated with factors that lower the well-being and quality of life of many people.

COMET is a new approach and the only intervention that specifically target low self-esteem and negative self-image. The training is aimed at activating positive, functional emotional networks in the brain and relating them to personalized cues that are known to trigger the individual dysfunctional ideas and cognitions about him/herself. In other words, this training will teach your brain to retrieve positive functional information about yourself, instead of negative ones, when in situations which normally would trigger the negative thoughts and related emotions linked to negative self-image or low self-esteem.

The training consists of 8 sessions of 1,5 hours within a group with a maximum of 8 participants. People can register individually or as a group.